Spray paint on rim joist?

I saw this in a crawlspace today. It looked liked someone spray painted the rim joist on the back side of the house. The back side is above grade so I didn’t think it would be a water-proofing attempt. A close look at the rim joist didn’t show any decay or WDO damage. The “paint” was over the rim joist, floor joists, floor sheathing, wires, pipes, etc. I would say it looks like a cover up, but am trying to keep an open mind. Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Thanks!

Did you check the moisture and a prick test to see if they were hiding moisture damage of the sort?
Doesn’t look out of the ordinary from here other than black paint. Kind of odd.

The moisture meter didn’t reveal anything and I tapped on it with my screwdriver in several places, it all seemed solid. That’s what was confusing to me.

Well this is open to another WAG. LOL
or ask the owner of the property for any logical reason that was done.

My guess would be to keep WDO’s at bay.

Roy, do they make such a spray for WDO’s down there?

No! I was just thinkin’ as a deterrent.

Here are a couple more photos that show the painted areas.

Nice wiring. LOL
Is that a termite shield on that drain pipe?
I’m beginning to think like Roy, that spray might be so sort of deterrent.

Please don’t ! You will regret it…:woozy_face:

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Thanks for the warning. :rofl:

I love this forum; I learn so much! I’ve seen termite shields on the piers and under the sill plates, but I never considered one on the pipes. Interesting.

The crawlspace had a moisture issue; too few vents, moisture at the front wall below grade, no gutters, bio-growth on the floor joists and floor sheathing. There was a new vapor barrier present with plenty of water underneath it. It was a mess.

Maybe for WDO, but I’m leaning toward they sprayed it to cover moisture stains/mold stains.

I used to see this when I was inspecting for WDI’s in Virginia. I was told it was a deterrent for termites, and moisture (temperature differential from the crawl and the outdoors in the winter). Some homes would have creosote in the same fashion.

Makes sense to me, but creosote? I wouldn’t want to smell that anymore. I used enough of that when I was a kid.

Maybe another miracle use for Flex Seal

Maybe they were just experimenting on a different look.

Possibly to cover up mold