Painted Roof

First time for me. Roof is 2 years old. Current owner painted the roofing. I believe this would negate the warranty. Any other issues, mold, heat, etc.

Read these

It voids the manufacturers warranty on the shingles, makes the shingles dry and brittle, and usually leads to leaks, at least here in Florida. Very few products are approved for use of this sort, and of the ones that may be, the manufacturer installation instructions will prohibit its use. I love it when I see one. It becomes an automatic replacement.

We recently had an insurance inspector pass a painted roof. Two months after the people moved in the roof needed to be replaced. Sued the inspector and won.

Are you sure it wasn’t snow…

I fixed it so you won’t get in trouble for cussing:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I’ve seen Pizza Hut paint their roof red.

Pizza Hut roofs are tile

What about on roll roofing or mod bit?

Thank you.

I haven’t seen any painted roofs, but now I feel informed should I ever run across one.

They sell some roof paint that is horrible and will really do a number on a roof for the reasons already stated. However I have seen some other waterproofing membranes used with a mesh imbedded for durability. Properly installed you get a 10 to 20 year warrantee from the company. I was impressed, it reduces the heat of the roof and gives and additional layer of protection.

Sure coat and anothe company sell the stuff and so far I don’t see a reason not to recomend it.