Painted Shingles

14 year old roof has been painted. Not in bad condition otherwise and have very good adhesion. Never seen this before does anyone think the shingles will deteriorate faster and make the attic hotter?


Seen it at Pizza Hut.

There is not one paint that is approved to be used on shingles. at least not in Miami Dade

Moisture can get trapped underneath the shingles & rot out the membrane/seal.
I’ve attached an article where FPL got in trouble for a roof-paint program down here in South Florida.
It was for seal coating shingles, but I think a paint covering would have the same effect.

I’d personally call it & say it is not an approved method, call licensed contractor for further evaluation.

Thanks for the input everybody

What type of venting was in use?

Ridge & Soffit

Here’s some info I found recently when I inspected a house with painted asphalt shingles.

“Asphalt shingle roof systems are vapor permeable because joints between individual shingles allow vapor to pass through. Some coating formulations are effective vapor retarders. Applying a vapor-retardant coating to an asphalt shingle roof system’s surface likely will compromise a roof assembly’s self-drying characteristics.”

“No evidence currently is available to correlate marketing claims with actual performance of field-applied coatings over asphalt shingle roof systems, and such an application subjects a roof system and its owner to specific risks the owner should understand before making a decision to field coat an asphalt shingle roof system. A thorough cost-benefit analysis may prove that known concerns within the roofing industry outweigh the potential benefits.”

“It may be “difficult or impractical” to objectively evaluate the physical properties and performance characteristics marketed for applications to asphalt shingles”

“depending on the coating type, field application over asphalt shingles may lower an asphalt shingle roof system’s vapor permeability”

Thanks Chris. It does not seem like a logical thing to do.

That’s how I feel. Looks like our guys used the same paint. :slight_smile:

look at that…I guess great minds think alike :mrgreen:

So if the joints are not sealed, like in Chris’ photos, then what is the problem? Both the roofs posted look a bit more like a “painting” than a “coating”.

Here’s a link to that law suit mentioned above…


It is why the roof shingle manufacturers make the shingles in different colors…

And they do like the red paint!

Sure, paint everything vents and all. Looks like old car primer paint

Marc: With that knowledge, why defer to a lic. contractor for further eval?

You are the expert they hired. Give the advice they are paying for, right?

@RedNeckRoy: Is Product Approval required?

Red Neck Pete
If the product is beyond warranty who cares?