Palin for president???????

Click around the room.

Click on the red ringing phone last.

Funny, in a maverickey kind of way :mrgreen::mrgreen:


Funny Carl, and scary at the same time.

Excellent! She looks good in that seat!

Palin sucks, MCCain says so…

McCain avows Crist’s value

Sen. John McCain acknowledged in an exclusive interview Friday that he probably would be better positioned in must-win Florida if he had picked Gov. Charlie Crist as his running mate.

"Charlie, because he’s so popular, he probably would have made a significant difference,’’ McCain said in an interview with the *St. Petersburg Times *and Bay News 9.

McCain: VP Crist sure would’ve helped in FL


Let’s reword this:
“Sarah, because she is so poular, she probably would have made a significant difference,” McCain said in an interview with the Alaska Tribune and Nome News 9.

In Florida I would think that would be true! Makes sense! Just like in Alaska if Crist was his mate!:shock::slight_smile:

More flawed logic, Alaska was never in jeopardy of going Democratic. The fact is, that as long as your home lacks wheels, and you pray in the same language you speak in then… Palin has become the proverbial albatross around the neck of the Republican party.

Palin will not be the reason McCain may lose Florida Joe lose! If you believe she will be at fault if that takes place one has to ask who is handing out “more flawed logic” Could Crist bring Florida? Maybe! But its not Palins fault either way!:shock:

I don’t think it is that easy to dismiss the super-blunder of McCain choosing Palin over Crist, granted McCain would have lost the election regardless of who he choose as VP simply because of his own failings but with Palin on the ticket, Obama just might win in a popular vote landslide.

BTW did you know that Sarah Palin has an IQ of only 83 (skip to page 4 to see her IQ score). Just a few points shy of being clinically retarded.

How many people with IQs of 83 make the National Honor Society?

I’m betting “zero”

DailyKos poster admits Palin Report records are fake.


I think she would be a great President.

Joey, they’re saying bad things about you.

Obamasphere So Scary Smart It’s Taken In By Another Moronic Hoax

Sarah Palin’s high school transcript-- look how dumb! What bad grades! And only 841 SATs?

Gee, how did she manage to graduate an honor student?
Dawn Eden says it’s quite fake. How does she know? Because the forger used her transcript, posted online in 2004, as the template for the forgery.
Wow! The Obama Left is so much smarter than that idiot Palin. And they prove it every day.

PS, this forgery was so funny the last time I laughed this hard I fell off my dinosaur… 4000 years ago.

Six of one, half-dozen of the other, she still ain’t makin’ it to the White House. Who cares if it is a hoax if it helps get Obama elected?

Nice link, Carl.

It seems that it has never come out, but Alaska is a state where the state pays you! (if you really live there, not for those that show up and expect a handout for nothing). I don’t know how they do it, but I would like to see someone try it in the lower 48.

Here is the sad story of John McCain’s first wife Carol whom John cheated on, betrayed and divorced, such a despicable character has no business running for the highest office.

Hmmm…interesting article Joe. Typical type stuff for you to post, too.

I noted that at the end of the article it states :

"As for the subjective parts of the article, a number of different people who knew the McCains, including John and Carol themselves, have offered widely differing opinions and interpretations regarding John McCains first marriage and the reasons why it ended - the “why” is a question with no definitive answer. It’s worth noting, however that John and Cindy McCain have now been married 28 years and have four children (one of them adopted) together, and that in a portion of the Daily Mail article referenced above (which was not included in the excerpt circulating via e-mail), Carol McCain is quoted as saying of her former husband: "He’s a good guy. We are still good friends. He is the best man for president."

*Chicago Tribune endorses Obama *

For the first time ever,in the paper’s 161-year history, The Chicago Tribune is endorsing the Democratic candidate in the race for the White House. The paper praises Illinois Senator Barack Obama as a consensus builder and **scolds Republican Senator John McCain for putting campaign before country in choosing Alaska Governor Sara Palin as his running mate. **

The Tribune’s editorial board **says its clear that Palin is not prepared to **
step in at a moments notice and serve as president.

On Nov. 4 we’re going to elect a president to lead us through a perilous time and restore in us a common sense of national purpose.

The strongest candidate to do that is Sen. Barack Obama. The Tribune is proud to endorse him today for president of the United States.

Kiss my typical ***…

News Alert! :mrgreen:

Sarah Palin’s Appearance on SNL a Huge GOP Disaster

Sarah Palin joined SNL tonight and proved, once again, that John McCain lacked judgment in having her on his ticket, while also unwise not to veto her SNL appearance.

Josh Brolin hosted, reporting that in learning to play W, he concluded that neither W, nor he, should ever be, or have been, president.

Then in sketches and in “Weekend Update,” viewers were reminded of the deep economic difficulty the country finds itself in, and we all know what good the economy has done for John McCain’s candidacy. Thus, over and over, viewers were reminded of McCain’s biggest problem, besides Sarah Palin.

Then, no viewer could be sure when Gov. Palin would appear after the traditional SNL welcome. One could think she might appear on “Weekend Update,” but one watched with heightened attention early on wondering if she might appear in one of the ever more artless sketches.

She didn’t, and showed appropriate restraint, I suppose, in letting just her arms dance about while remaining seated in her chair during someone else’s inane rap. But prior to this, millions of viewers were exposed to one sophomoric (naw, make that 5th grade) sketch where the word “fartface” was repeated perhaps 100 or more times, and another about a guy who would shoot a ping pong ball from his rear end.

I just can’t imagine very many members of the Christian Right, to whom Palin appeals and who might have been checking in to see how their darling was doing, enjoying these words filling their living rooms tonight. Then Palin was compared to Dan Quayle in one otherwise forgettable moment, and for those of us old enough to remember, we were reminded of conservative Justice Clarence Thomas’ alleged one-time interest in pornography. Trust me, no helping hand of any kind was extended to Palin or McCain.

Cap all this off with the toughest, and most incisive Obama ad I’ve yet seen, with McCain helping to bury himself with the perfect soundbite linking him ever more closely to Bush (“I voted with him over 90% of the time, more than some other members of our party” or words to that effect) and you’ve got another bad day or two for the GOP, and maybe more depending on how long people talk about tonight’s debacle. He just doesn’t have the time to keep making mistakes like this and get off message. The clock is ticking with just 16 days left before the election, and more and more voters this year are casting their ballots early.

I just shook my head in amazement tonight as the Obama ad ran and thought, man, the Obama campaign doesn’t miss a trick placing that particular ad where they did, while the McCain campaign misses nearly every one, and does sometimes seem to be run by those who would wish him to lose in November.