PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Who will you actually vote for?

Enough of the “I might”, “I wish”, “If only” discussions. I received my absentee ballot today. Here is a poll of all those listed. Listed at random.


There are enough threads for further discussions and arguments. Can we keep this one just for voting? Please?

McCain/Palin without a question or comment.

Don’t even ask!

I’ve got no choice. As a self employed working stiff, I can’t vote for democrat socialism. That leaves me with the Republican ticket. Not good, but far better for me than the dems. If I were a school teacher, fireman, union laborer or on welfare, I too would vote democrat. Obama just doesn’t work for me personally.

To be quite honest however, I don’t believe either of the tickets is really going to help us out in the short term… Let’s crash and burn and get it over with.

Depression? Who’s afraid of a little depression? Not me!

See you in Vegas!

You mean “against”, right?

can we write in Alfred E Neuman ???

Vote for:! :wink:

Make Dominic proud! :slight_smile:

Good for you and way to stick to it.:slight_smile:

Obama/Biden. Got my ballot today too and away it goes!

I agree! Hard to beat John’s sense of humor! His only joke funnier than “Joe the Plumber” is “Sarah Palin”!

If I had a dime every time someone said that I could retire tomorrow. :smiley:

The advantage of voting for Sarah is that she has a chance, at least, of being different and great.

We all know who McCain and Biden are and they will not likely do much harm or good. Both old and set in stone.

We all know Obama is a socialist, smart, but the most liberal voting Senator in U.S. history.

Palin is the true outsider. A gamble. I’m willing to bet on her if for no other reason other than to shake things up.

Interesting numbers. 66.7% for McCain.

Sweet Sarah.

Kind of expected, no? We’re small business owners trying to make money, support our families, save for retirement. The government will not be providing for us, only asking us to fund the socialist entitlement monster as it slowly, but surely takes over the America we used to know and love…

I was at a gun show yesterday, I’m sure the numbers would have been segued even further toward McCain than they are here, but neither that microcosm nor the NACHI board truly represents the actual distribution of national voters.

OK…then lets go with the National polls.

Obama’s lead is slipping and I love it.

From David’s link:

Pollster John Zogby said the numbers were good news for McCain, and probably reflected a bump following his appearance in the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday.

“For the first time in the polling McCain is up above 45 percent. There is no question something has happened,” Zogby said.

He said the Arizona senator appeared to have solidified his support with the Republican base – where 9 out of 10 voters now back him – and was also gaining ground among the independents who may play a decisive role in the November 4 election.

Obama’s lead among independent voters dropped to 8 points on Sunday from 16 points a day earlier.

It’s a sad day for those poor Dems.

I guess you can spin this any way you want, Obama was trending higher too early, this respite will allow the backfilling necessary for Obama to grow his foundation and a platform which to launch his final campaign so that his polling peaks on election day. With Obama’s ability to raise money at a rate of almost 2-1, I suspect that in the final weeks he will be able to outspend McCain at maybe a 4-1 ratio based on current financial numbers. No doubt we got us a horse race, but just like every horse race there is a favorite and also-rans, Obama is still the favorite to win this election.

But what happened to you landslide predictions?