Sarah Palin for President.

She’ll be Pres sooner than anyone thinks.

Yes, but she’ll be President before then. :wink:

(your original post said she’d be elected in 2012)

OK, here’s a scenario:

  1. McCain / Palin wins in November.
  2. In 2012, McCain decides not to run.
  3. The race is between Palin and Clinton.

Intersting maybe to the above.

McCain passes away (G-d forbid) or becomes sick in office, say after 2 years, steps down and Palin is Pres. Then it would be an incumbant woman Pres running against Hillary.

In either case, and as it is now, this will be a VERY interesting race.

I just LOVE politics. You guys can have your baseball scorecards or fantasy football. Politics is my favorite sport (if for no other reason, that it actually MEANS something.)

Just my opinion.

Yep…she is just one good Lewinsky from the Oval Office.:wink:

Second only to NFL.

How can baseball possibly compete with the NFL and politics?

You’re a sick man Jim. :frowning:

Where’s the substance?

Still want to punish the Republicans?

Wrong party…:twisted:

Now that’s funny :mrgreen: cruel but funny :wink:


Works for me! :mrgreen:

Palin is a cool choice.

She is one hot momma. I gotta say…the Republicans are going to garner a lot more coverage with this cookieon the ticket.

Too bad that they could not pick one that most women would approve as (what they call) “non-threatening”.

At least with her on the ticket, less people will reject the thought of being f****d by another Republican Administration.


Your sick obsession continues. You’re a better man than than that. :frowning:

I think McCain’s choice is really hot. I’d rather have dinner with her than Joe Biden, for sure.

Still…it’s Obama’s race to lose.

And his weak response to Palin as the VP choice will help make that a reality.:wink:

Biden would be a fine dinner guest.

He could blather on for hours while the rest at the table where busy eating.:stuck_out_tongue:

I never expected the Obama ticket to end up being the lame one of the two!

I never expected the Republicans to pull the “MILF” card, either. This is certainly a campaign full of firsts.

Can you picture the twenty seven secret service agents who will all jump on top of her whenever a nearby car backfires?:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Too funny!

It stopped being funny a while back James. :frowning:

I think that it was the smartest move so far in the campaign. I might even have to vote since he chose her.

No time to read above , but instant impression from hearing her on radio, is horrible voice that is painful to listen to.

Sounds like a combination of Orpan Annie and Sandy Duncan.

Obama did the smart thing by tagging a guy whom strengthens where he is weak, while McCain made an obvious blunder in thinking we will fall for his obvious pandering.

She positive remarks about Hillary, and that is pure Republican shamlessness.

The only women dumb enough to fall for this ploy are the lower income and uneducated.

They will still vote for Obama.This is because those disenfranchised want and need to get rid of more of the same.

Our country has been damaged enough, so all you pseudo intellectuals can crow all you want, as I sing hail to the chief wearing all blue in November.