Report software

Does anyone use palm-tech or 3D inspection software? If so, how do you like it?

Get Home Inspector Pro.
2nd best is Home Gauge.

HomeGuage is the best.

What Greg said:D Sorry CB:p

Palm-Tech is great software, been using it for 7 years, what do you want to know?

So Joe, your a “Palm Tech” (user), never would have guessed. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Welcome to the fun!

When this question comes up, you’ll have a bunch say Home Inspector Pro, a bunch say Home Gauge and a few mention other software.

Get trials of all of 'em, see how they fit your needs and go from there.

FWIW I use Home Inspector Pro and the software, web sites and support are awesome.

Why would you have never guessed?


I see you have an HIP website. Why wouldn’t you use the inspection software that compliments it?
HIP is awesome software that is easy to use with many free interchangeable templates to suit your needs, it’s loaded with features and being added to all the time and has a great community to help support you with any issues you may have and the best developer (Dom) to assist you with any serious or minor tech problems (even non related software issues) you have and who is also available almost 24/7 and the price is right as Bob Barker would say.

AAAAhhhhhhh…good ole Bob!!

I am very pleased with Home Gauge. I’m sure the top three mentioned here have some very comparable features, but I really like the interface between the handheld, laptop, online and now viewing reports easily with your pda phone.

We have had the phone thing a year now. Home Gauge is just catching up now.:wink:

One of the great Canadian exports.:wink: