Any body using Palm-Tech V5 having “PT Error” problems?

My files keep getting corrupt every time I try to use it, and to date Palm-Tech has not been very helpful in trying to be pro active in trying to figure it out,… or get my issue fixed or address,… all I get from them is "Just go to archive folder and a “good” file should still be there,… HELLO!!! That doesn’t fix the issue. Soooooo I’m forced to use V4 which they don’t support any longer. ](*,)

Am I alone?

I have not had this problem and have created my own templates from scratch. What exactly is happening?

Hey Joe,
I wish I knew,… the files become corrupt while I’m entering inspection data out in the field. Ive lost 4 inspection files so far because of this. I love the software and have used V3 & V4 for 3 years, V5 is just corrupt,… maybe the disk they sent me is bad,… but it pisses me off they are not concerned about it,… not very good tech support in my book.

Homeguage!!! Great Software, Great Support!!!