Palm-tech Software

Im Lokking To Buy Some Computer Software. Got Samples From Inspectvue And Palm-tech. They Seem To Be About The Same. Hoping To Get Some Feed Back From Prvious Users. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks—jim Kolke

Inspect Vue Is The Best

Palm Tech is great.

I tried the Inspectvue and Palm-Tech demos, and found the Palm-Tech easier to work. However, the Palm-Tech library of descriptions and notes is very poor, and disclaimer library is non-existant, which will be objectionable to some people. I didn’t mind too much because I liked writing my own library. When I first bought the Palm-Tech last August, it had some annoying glitches, but they have finally corrected all of them in the latest update 5.15b issued last month, so I am happy now.

Jim King


Have a look at 3D its great as well.

Be prepared to spend some time tweeking whatever software you decide to get. (Just to get it to comply with your requirements and style)