Panel and distribution panel

Here we have a newer panel installed in a century home. Home was in pretty good shape however the electrical was sketchy. Found some knob and tube wiring still in service. Notice this main panel does not have a main disconnect. The panel enclosure rating was not indicated. There is a 100 amp breaker which feeds the distro panel. Distribution panel in garage…the neutral and ground bars are bonded correct. Even though the grounds and neutrals are isolated on each shouldn’t each ground and neutral bar be isolated as well?
Not looking for an argument or to be called a dumbass…just calling out some things and wanting some input. Thanks

You have not provided enough information to be able to give you a good answer. Is the garage detached? Is there a ground rod or other made electrode at the garage? Do you have more pictures?

That panel does not appear to be service equipment to me. Both appear to be distribution panels. There are four conductors coming into the panel with separate grounded and equipment ground conductors. I do not see the panel bonding that you speak of. The equipment grounds and grounded buses appear to be isolated to me. I suspect that there is a service disconnect upstream of this panel.

BTW: There are other deficiencies in this equipment.

The almost empty panel is fed with 3 wires. I can tell if the same applies to the other panel. It looks like 3 wire also, but I would not bet on it.