Panel bonding via metal conduit

Let me get this straight for once and all. If the panel and exterior meter base are “connected” or “bonded” together via metal conduit, does the neutral/grounding bus bar still need to be bonded to the enclosure or does the conduit “suffice” bonding requirements? TIA.

"The NEC gives you the choice of four methods for ensuring electrical continuity at service equipment, service raceways, and service conductor enclosures [250.92(B):

Bonding jumpers. Bond metal parts to the service neutral conductor. This requires a main bonding jumper [250.24(B) and 250.28]. Because the service neutral conductor provides the effective ground-fault current path to the power supply [250.24©], you don’t have to install an equipment grounding conductor within PVC conduit containing service-entrance conductors [250.142(A)(1) and 352.60 Ex 2] (Fig. 2).
Threaded fittings. Terminate metal raceways to metal enclosures by threaded hubs on enclosures (if made wrenchtight).
Threadless fittings. Terminate metal raceways to metal enclosures by threadless fittings (if made tight).
Other listed devices. These include bonding-type locknuts, bushings, wedges, or bushings with bonding jumpers. "

O.k., so the bus bar does not have to have the bonding screw installed as pictured, correct?

I believe it still needs to be there.

If the bond screw is not there there is no means for a fault current to trip the breaker.

The main breaker?

I don’t see a main in this panel which would lead me to believe that it’s a sub-panel and not the service therefore the neutral needs to be floating (unbonded). The metal conduit can serve as the EGC for the feeder.

The description by the OP is rather vague. They mention the panel and the meter. No location of the service was specified.

Meter base is directly behind this panel, the main service disconnect.

So where is the main service disconnect on the outside next to the meter or in the panel you cannot really tell from the photo’s?

The pictured panel is the main. It’s a pushmatic. Top two 70 amp breakers are the mains.

Ah I see it now, so yes this is the service which means that the neutral bus must be bonded to the enclosure. As your photo indicated there is a point on the neutral bus (hole) that’s used for installing the bonding screw which is missing.