Panel box as a passageway

Anyone know the code number in the NEC that prohibits a panel from being used as a passageway for wiring?

It’s less of a “code” issue, and more of a listing issue.

110.3 Examination, Identification, Installation, and Use of Equipment.
(B) Installation and Use. Listed or labeled equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling.

Panel boards are not “listed” to be used as raceways.

Thanks Jeff.

Jeff, what if those wires ‘passing through’ were cut and spliced together? Wouldn’t that be allowed because a panel can be used as a junction box?

You can use a panelboard for splices or for pulling through. The 2011 added a requirement that the panelboard be marked when using for a pull through.

2011 NEC:

2008 NEC:

As Robert provided, the panel can be used for both purposes as long as there is adequate space. The only prohibiting factor would be with regards to the panel listing.