Main Panel with splices...see pic

Can you have splices in a main panel ?

Yes, but that one looks a little weird. Were the wire sizes appropriate for the amperage?

Yes - as long as they use the correct wire nut for the wire sizes and all the wires connected together are all the same or greater wire sizes than the breaker.

Other problems:

  1. Wire should not go across the panel like that, they should go around
  2. Missing wire grommets (protectors)

I’m sure others will chime in.

Is that panel listed for those Tandom Breakers?. Check the panel legend to see. One of them appears to be doubled up as well on the tandom. As someone mentioned those NM Cables need to be secured at the enclosure as well. I also can’t tell but it appears one of the splices is for the grounded conductor which promptly changed back over to a black conductor…which is a No-No as well.
Also it appears to be different types of manufacturer breakers in this enclosure. Are the breakers Classified to be in this panel or simply a hodge-podge of breakers being used. And ofcourse see which breaker those larger conductors spliced to the small conductors actually terminates on…could be undersized conductors ( probably the case )…Also verify the main bonding jumper is installed ( as we can’t see all that due to the clutter ) which brings me to the splice question…

Yes, you can have spliced in a panel as long as their is space provided for such splices and as long as the panel is not being used as simply a pass through junction box. The NEC tells us no splices in a panel but then goes on to allow it provided the space is provided…and I wont get into the math associated with that.

Check out these little dandies…

**312.7 Space in Enclosures. **Cabinets and cutout boxes
shall have sufficient space to accommodate all conductors
installed in them without crowding.

**312.8 Enclosures for Switches or Overcurrent Devices.
**Enclosures for switches or overcurrent devices shall not be
used as junction boxes, auxiliary gutters, or raceways for conductors
feeding through or tapping off to other switches or
overcurrent devices, unless adequate space for this purpose is
provided. The conductors shall not fill the wiring space at any
cross section to more than 40 percent of the cross-sectional
area of the space, and the conductors, splices, and taps shall
not fill the wiring space at any cross section to more than
75 percent of the cross-sectional area of that space.

Thanks everybody