Panel diagram help

Took a look at this ITE panel, but the info was not on the inside of the door, but instead buried in the back of the cabinet, mostly covered by wires. Looks like an EQ 4x16B, but I can’t find any documentation online.

Of note, there is a tandem in a position (most likely) not allowed. The tandem has the plastic of the lower breaker snapped off.

There are neutrals and grounds sharing the same lug, and with the service disconnect outside next to the meter, they should be separated as well.


I think they upgraded the outside but not the inside, very strange that the remote panel was not inspected to have its grounded conductors separated. I don’t know what panel you’ve got but the tandem breaker appears to be in a spot not rated for such use. I would let electrician double check the breaker while he is there correcting everything else.

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That makes it easier, Nathan.

The interior distribution (sub) panel has a broken breaker, grounded (neutral) and grounding (grounds) conductors on the same bus bar and a tandem breaker possibly in the wrong position( I cannot see the label clearly because wires are in the way.).

I recommend having a qualified electrician make the corrections, necessary, to restore the safe operational integrity to the remote distribution (sub) panel.


Thanks Simon and Larry. I’m still hunting for the documents to add to my own library. @badair do you happen to have this one in your archives?

Additionally, the 40 amp breaker outside feeds the condenser that has a 30A limit on its manufacturer plate.

This setup turned into quite a puzzle!

What is your question?

If anyone has any documentation on this panel make and model. The info was buried in the back of the cabinet and was partially/mostly obscured.

It looks like an Imperial (ITE).

@gwells Do you have any documentation on this specific model? Thanks!

ITE was acquired by Siemans in the early 80’s. You may try contacting them with the panel number.