ITE Panel / Split Main

ITE Split Main Panel


Are my EYE’s starting to play tricks on me…does not look like a split main panel to me…just looks like a normal ITE panel.

Maybe I just can’t see it real well…

As well as the Grounded Conductor not identified…double taps…and so on…

AH wait…I see the jump loops…NOW I gotcha

What I think I see there is a regular ITE main lug panel, which should be a subpanel. It appears to be fed with 3 wire, and the grounds and neutrals are not segregated for the branch circuits. The breaker on the upper left appears to have a loose connection, and has heated up a bit over the years. The panel has problems, but it mostly stems from being improperly wired for use as a subpanel. Like Paul, I don’t really see a split buss setup here.

Marc…check out those loops about half way down the left side running down and under…interesting…would ya say

DAMN I just hate pictures…I would WANT to get my EYES in this one and SNOOP around…lol…Can’t say I have seen one do the jumpers like that before…Joseph can I HAVE this picture…:slight_smile:

GUess based on the position of the breaker doing the JUMPING to the lower part of the panel…FROM the bottom no doubt…this could be a main panel…6 throw rule in effect…based on the location of the breaker “ASSUMED” is doing the jumping so not a Sub-Panel then…interesting

Looks like a double tap (probably baseboard heaters, if I was forced to guess) and an improper handle tie on those two single pole breakers that they’re terminated to. I don’t know enough about ITE brand breakers to know if double taps are okay on them or not. I suspect not.

Yeah Boy…on that second picture a CLASSIC case of corrosion and causing a hot spot on that conductor…GOOD catch…and a GOOD reason why HI’s are looking in the panels…


I am talking about the wires JUST above those double taps…NO they are not allowed in ITE panels.

if you follow the ones on the 3rd set down to the left…they appear to go down and UNDER the bottom of the panelboard itself…now I would LOVE a shot from below that bottom level of breakers…lol…ahhhh…wish I could be at every inspection these guys do…and I am am SUCH a freakin NERD !

These going under:



Ah, yes. I see now. It is, indeed, a split-buss panel. Never knew ITE made those. I see very, very little of that brand in my area.

On the extreme upper right, there appears to be a knockout lodged sideways, with a single white conductor passing through. Not sure what that’s all about. Might be a telco ground.

lol…ahhh…yep we saw those and corrected it in my original post…lol…read my posts fella…lol…just teasing ya:)

lol…I want that corrosion picture…very nice and the GREEN show up SO nice as well…:slight_smile:

Just trying to help Mark out…see his post #6:wink:

lol…well you know us electricians and pictures…lol

I will say however Larry…those are some MIGHTY pretty arrows you got there…:slight_smile:

Free to use it as you wish.

The Breaker (60 Amp) in question supplies power to the electric coils of the Heat Pump.

Thank you SIR…might nice…

Two more of the same Panel.

Double Taps (Nail thru Breaker) on the left side of the panel service Baseboard Heaters in the Basement area (Bar & Bathroom 4) of the home.

Good Call Mark. Almost Psychic…


Apologize for the clarity. Close-Up photos are not a strong aspect of this camera

AHHH…no close up feature on that cam eh…:slight_smile:

A lot of older panels had the main terminals routed to a main circuit breaker in the center of the panel. I’d have to see a schematic or be able to zoom in a bit better to have a better handle on this one.