Panel: Ground - Neutral Bridge

Are there any situations in which a main distribution panel would not have the ground and neutrals bridged? I had a modular home today with no bridge.

How do you define a main distribution panel? If it’s the service then they can be connected together if it’s a sub-panel then they need to be separate.

Main panel with service disconnect. I have always gone with the main panel having the ground & neutrals tied and never on a sub panel. Is there a reason or situation with a main panel not having them tied?

Being a modular home are you sure the disconnect wasn’t at the exterior?

You’re correct, most I inspect are on the exterior but this was on the panel. The date on the camera is correct, I moved through space to tomorrow and came back. ;/

Yes, when it is not the first means of disconnect

If the service disconnect is at the panel the grounded and grounding conductors both must be bonded to the panel/cabinet.

The first point of disconnect is the service panel and that’s where the main bonding jumper should be. Panels downstream are distribution (sub-) panels and the neutral bus bar should be floating.

No service disconnect in a panel outside somewhere?

Modular or manufactured? There’s a difference.

They both come in on wheels. :mrgreen: