Panel Labeling

*“But if you are that boored, then find another career. Because, If I were the homeowner or contractor, and you labeled the panel in anything other than English you wouldn’t get paid (unless you labeled it in English first, then a second language too).”
Meh, some of you are reading way too far into my post…

  • I found spanish directions in the box. I usually don’t find seperate labels in different languages when I am working and I just found it odd/interesting as if I could actually use them (I had zero intention on sticking them anywhere and never gave a thought to using them) It was just a hypothetical “could I actually use them”. I think questioning my work ethic is borderline rude, I mean hell, I love what I do and I take my work seriously… I don’t know how many other 24 year old electricians would sit home after work and skim all 101 pages of an electrical message board looking at pictures and trying to comprehending senarios of different electrical questions and and answers. Anyways, thanks for the serious replys and I will just go back to lurking as I really think this is great place for a guy to learn a thing or two about the trades.

Buenos diás :smiley:

Perfect Gent , I was simply pointing out that if it was in another language , it is not technicaly a defect.
Also to post here , is not for the sensitve , as since you are new here we did not know at the beginnig if you were joking, inexperianced , or some lawyer .
A smiley face would have helped as I myself have been mis-interpreted.
Remember we can not see your facial expressions.
That being said some members may have got a little testy.

Perfect Gent ,

We look forward to your contributions. Keep posting, this is a great MB.

Yes, this is a VERY sorry fact. Isn’t it. :mad:

Hey Mr. Gent,

One of the great things about this board is that it is not moderated, and you can post just about anything you want without being concerned that it will be edited/deleted etc. One of the bad things about this board is that it is not moderated, and everyone else can post just about anything they want to. :wink:

My personal philosophy: I skip most of the ranting posts (like Mr. Decker’s above), and I never get involved in the shouting matches. Keep posting, keep reading, and skip the junk. It is a great site.

In that case I apologize.

I stand corrected. Apparently the “bill” I was recalling is an urban legend about the value of one vote. Thank you all for setting me on a path of research that has set me straight.