Nice technique

I liked the romex being used to label the wires.

c’mon David… Don’t tease us like that!!

would the tape used be considered a “combustible” material not allowed in the panel? I hate to be a “kill joy”, but…defenately alot of pride and care went into that panel, i’d hate to find out it’s all for not.

oops my bad:oops: , i take it all back, i now see that it’s not tape, but wire insulation with writing on it, that material IS allowed in panels…right? (j/k):oops: :oops:

It’s rare that I find a quality job such as that shown in the pictures. I find fewer problems when the wires are labeled thusly. Some electricians do take pride in their work (Hey, Paul and Joe!)

I call no separation between grounds and nuetrals at the bus bars. The Romex labels are common here. What’s more common is nothing labed anywhere, including on the label.

I’m not following you on this. Can you expand on what you mean?

I am surprised you guys don’t see more of this on new const. We are required to label the panel at final, I always mark the home runs with romex sleeves to make the final legend marking easier. Sure beats flipping breakers and running around the house for an hour! Also, when you know which HR is which it just makes your job easier when you are going to be working there for a while.

If this is service equipment, the grounding and grounded (neutral) conductors are permitted to be terminated to the same bus.

Yes, I assumed it was main service panel. That’s why I didn’t follow Kent’s post.