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**Production news: Big Coat Productions announces production of an original new series PARANORMAL HOME INSPECTORS - to be aired on Investigation Discovery ( ID ). Shooting begins April 8**Posted by: RAD on Monday, April 04, 2011 - 07:36 PM Coat Productions announces production of an original series that will leave audiences wondering who or what they share their homes with …

Paranormal Home Inspectors is a provocative factual series that follows a team of experts from different disciplines deciphering bizarre phenomena in outwardly ‘normal’ homes. Inside, the lights flicker, faucets turn on by themselves, and doors slam and lock on their own.

Is this paranormal activity? Or can a conventional home inspector debunk the inexplicable anomalies that make things go bump in the night?

The Paranormal Home Inspectors include a renowned psychic (Nadine Mercey), a certified home inspector (Brian Daley) and a paranormal researcher (Michelle McKay). The team uses everything from a hammer and flashlight to electronic voice phenomenon recordings to infrared video documentation and psychic abilities to differentiate structural defects from spiritual manifestations. Who will the homeowners believe; the certified home inspector and his plausible explanations or the psychic and paranormal researcher? And if the homes are truly haunted…will the owners stay?

The series is produced by Big Coat Productions’ Catherine Fogarty and Maria Armstrong.

Paranormal Home Inspectors will shoot all over Ontario from April 8h – July 7th and are still casting families for season one.

The series will air on Investigation Discovery (ID) August 16th at 11:00 and 11:30pm ET/Midnight and 12:30am P.T

Nadine Mercey, Psychic
With more than 20 years of experience as a successful real estate agent, Nadine knows homes. As the resident psychic for Paranormal Home Inspectors on the Investigation Discovery Channel, Nadine’s experience and renowned psychic abilities shine. Blessed with the ability to see the energy of the world around her, Nadine reads homes and environments the way other psychics read people. Nadine now dedicates her life to psychic healing, and is an author, international healer, speaker and teacher of metaphysical healing in mainstream medical facilities and communities around the world. Nadine’s success comes from an uncanny ability to intuitively understand the needs and motivations of buyers and sellers and the homes themselves. Her awakening of her intuitive capabilities has been aligning over many years.

Brian Daley, Certified Home Inspector
Brian Daley is the resident Certified Home Inspector on Paranormal Home Inspectors on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Off-camera, Brian is the President of Associated Group of Home Inspectors Canada Inc. and New Home Inspections Inc. He brings more than 20 years of experience in marketing, client relations, education, and communication skills to the Home Inspection business. Brian provides his services to owners of new homes and re-sale home buyers throughout Ontario. He has developed and taught practical communication skills training programs to Home Inspectors. A published author, Brian wrote the book “Home Inspection for Home Inspectors” and has written numerous print media articles offering home-related advice to consumers. He is a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) and member of the National and Provincial associations, and is recognized as an industry leader and innovator in the field of home inspections in Canada.

Michelle McKay, Paranormal Investigator
As the lead researcher and Paranormal Investigator on Paranormal Home Inspectors, on the Investigation Discovery Channel, Michelle McKay is no stranger to ghosts. She has been professionally investigating the paranormal for more than a decade. She comes equipped with cutting edge technology to communicate with the spirits. Michelle was born on a Wednesday during a dark moon. Her first experience with the paranormal was at age 10, with poltergeist activity in her home. Naturally inquisitive, she started researching all things paranormal at an early age, with the result that ghosts have followed her around ever since. Despite her paranormal close encounters, she maintains objectivity during her investigations and continues her quest for the truth. Michelle is not the only paranormal investigator in the family – her great-uncle was the well-respected Canadian UFOlogist Henry McKay. He began investigating reports of “unidentified flying objects” while he was in the Canadian military. He passed away in 2007 (April 15). He was a father figure to her and she still struggles with his death to this day. April 15 is always a difficult day for her.

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