Paranormal Home Inspector

My wife wants me to watch this with her.

Paranormal Home Inspector

"its not just the plumbing and electric you need to be scared of"

Good luck!

I watched 15 minutes of it. More funny than anything else.

Hey, Paul –

I ran across that show a couple of days ago:

I have to turn the volume off for the second half, after the home inspector (the only credible person on that show) is finished with his assessment, because then it goes all tinfoil-hat.

Yeah it went Tinfoil hat but it is entertaining.
I have a date every Friday night with my wife, we get a bag of snacks from Trader Joes (try the chocolate covered potato chips) and rent a movie or turn on Roku, last night it was Paranormal Inspector.

I’d watch it again just to be with Blondie sitting by my side.

I think it is very cool. I have never experienced a paranormal but there are many other “ghost” shows on TV and I like to watch them all. Maybe someday I’ll get to experience a ghost first hand. Just hope it is a friendly ghost. I’ve watch some of those shows where there are angry ghost and those I don’t want to meet. This show was very interesting. I watched the last one where the home had been in the family since the 1800’s.

I watched the first episode. It was total crap. I’ll watch MH any day before I watch another PHI!

Paul here is all you need. I’ll sell you one for each inspection only $5 each ;-);-):wink:

I’ll bet some parents love this.