Partial Inspections?

Here is another question for discussion:

Can an unlicensed individual in Florida (no Div.1 contractors license and no home inspection license) conduct a home inspection for a fee and omit one (or two) of the systems (by deferring to the appropriate license holder- such as roof and/or HVAC systems) and be exempt from home inspector licensing? Clearly, the service that this non licensed inspector provides does not meet the definition of a “home inspection” as defined in the home inspector licensing statute. If that is the case, would the non licensed inspector be legally able to conduct some sort of an inspection and circumvent the home inspector licensing law by omitting one or more of the systems in the home that trigger the home inspector licensing law?

NOT FOR A FEE and claim to be a home inspector. If they are licensed handyman and inspect prior for specific repairs then no problem.
What is your intention in asking these types of questions?

My original post made no mention of the unlicensed inspector claiming to be a home inspector. So, an unlicensed individual can do some sort of a home inspection as long as it is NOT FOR A FEE and he doesn’t call himself a home inspector?

My intention in asking these types of questions is to encourage discussion of these issues and to seek answers.

As I stated before that MAY NOT BE in our best interests just as licensing was not.

It may be good to not have things set in stone for various reasons but I am sure I have NO POWER to convenience any of you the brilliance in my way of thinking.

If you are a person with just a HI license you should elect Steve your King. just saying.

I say ANYONE can perform a “Home condition Survey” for a fee as long as they Omit one of the sub systems and do not say they are a “Home Inspector”…Sure, thats they way I read it anyways.

I agree. Seems like one of many flaws in the home inspector licensing law doesn’t it.

Would all home inspectors not be better off in all ways if you all worked on repealing and getting rid of the license all together?

Were you all not way better off before when you competed based on your experience and references and a piece of paper did not make you all equal in the eyes of the consumers?

Hell, here no one even cares who is and isn’t licensed. I don’t think they even know we HAVE to have a license…

How does having a license help you the inspector?

It allows me to get a Supra Key…

It’s not designed to help the inspector, it is supposedly to protect the public, as all licensing is designed to do (at least in theory).

Would you also propose getting rid of the contractor’s licensing program too? Talk about the wild west.:shock:

dang seems like a lot of hassle just for some key that lets the Realtor NOT do even the slightest bit of work to facilitate a sale.

I would think a business license would be just as good as folks never had any problems getting them before licensing went into effect

Sure. But you see the Contractor license has been around forever and I had not choice if I wanted to do what contractors do. These fools voted and expressed the opinions that they wanted to be regulated and told how and what they must do and even get to pay semi yearly for the right to do so. I cannot think of many things more against ones best interests than that.

Any home inspector that wanted licensing is an idiot and fool simple as that. IT DOES NOTHING TO HELP THEM and that is what biz is about.

Michael, I think the points to bring out is would a well written HOME INSPECTION PROFESSION law, mean something?

The mold assessors did it right. Man, now its a Pain the butt to get one and the insurance is high…keeps the wanna b’s out of it.

I think the idea, now that its here, is OK. But the license needs validity and consistency to be of any value. The way it is written is the mistake, not the law, in my opinion.

Your very proud to be a GC and rightfully so. Why? Because it is not easy to get, pain the butt, need insurances and experience and pass some difficult tests…so it MEANS something.

I personally think that is what Steven is trying to get at. It the way everything is and ISN’T written that makes the license a mess, not the license itself.

I agree with what you think Steve is trying to do. But just like licensing it may make things tougher on Home Inspectors.

I believe if they could get rid of it all together those that are the best would be better off.

I don’t know what the answer is. I am generally in favor of deregulation across the board. That would include contractors as well. I know that there would be problems that come with that. However, think about this: Contractor licensing in Florida did not come into existence unit about 1973 if I am not mistaken. I think that there were homes and buildings in Florida prior to 1973 that were built by contractors without licensing. I lived in a town in Florida with a large historic district with homes and buildings from early 1800s to 1920’s. All of them built by contractors with no license. Most of them are still standing and doing fine (except for the typical bug damage). I am digressing on a tangent here. The reality is that the current contractor licensing scheme is really just a barrier to entry into the profession to limit competition.

With respect to home inspector licensing, I believe the law actually does more harm than good- given the current two sets of rules that exist. To the uninformed general public. A home inspection is a home inspection is a home inspection. To them, a home inspector is a home inspector is a home inspector- whether he be a licensed home inspector or a licensed contractor. The current key difference that the homeowner does not know- is that the contractor inspector (or his unlicensed employee) is not bound by the licensed home inspectors Standard of Practice nor the licensed home inspector’s ethics provisions. This is not to say that the contractor is not capable of abiding by the same standards- he is just not bound by them or required to abide by them. If the contractor screws the inspection, he is essentially untouchable and the unsuspecting consumer has not recourse. As the CILB has not standards of practice for inspection and no ethics provisions for inspections, the CILB has no measuring stick to hold the contractor accountable. Consequently, he gets a free pass for the screwed inspection. This is the unfortunate reality of the current licensing laws we have. Now, many of you would think that I just made the case for licensing and how it protects the consumer. No the case here. In this case, the consumer believes that ALL are licensed to do home inspection- which is correct. Home inspector is licensed under the home inspector licensing division and the contractor is licensed under the CILB. However, the homeowner incorrectly assumes that home inspectors ALL abide by the same set of rules and standards- which is clearly not the case. As the licensed home inspector actually does have a measuring stick to be held accountable to, he has far greater liability exposure for the same screwed inspection than the licensed contractor. Based on this added risk exposure, why would a licensed contractor even want to have a home inspector license or renew a non necessary home inspector license in July?

I disagree. If they made the license WORTH something, then I think you would take pride in it, just as you do your GC license.

They made it so easy to get to fund the license, it totally counter acted the intention of the license, which is to ‘protect’ consumer.

It is exactly like a dog license. It is super easy to get and put around your neck. But it does not protect you or your family from getting bit, it just makes it seem that way…

I do not take pride in any license.

I only aquired it because it is what I had to do to do what I wanted to do.

I hate being told what to do and how to do it especially when it comes to my business.

I believe what I do and how I do it should be between me and the client.

I am also totally against all the additional costs that are thrown upon me to keep and maintain 2 licenses.

They are all scams by the State to look like they give a s h i t about the clients and the real reason is to take in additional funds for the States Coffers at every given chance.

Why do none of you see the real truth. I know you are mostly intelligent folks but you just refuse to admit it that ALL Licensing is just a scam to get money for the State.

I do believe maybe Steve really does see that.