Passing of Shancy Garrison: HomeGauge

I wanted this to get a little more exposure than the Members Only page:

GoFundMe link for Shancy’s 9-year-old daughter.

Shancy Garrison helped a lot of inspectors over the years and worked to help make this industry what it has become. Let’s try to make what’s going to be a really tough, lonely Christmas for this little girl at least a tiny bit better.

It’s been a good year for inspectors. Let’s see if we can’t pass some of that along! If we can’t get $50,000 for this little girl just before Christmas when inspection has been hot all year long… then we’re not the people we should be.

Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 8.33.03 PM

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Thank you Kenton.
Losing such an involved member is indeed a tragedy.
Thank you for you post.
Kindest regards.
Robert Young

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I had shared it on the HomeHubZone Facebook group the day I say Tim’s post. That & my local chapter are the only avenues I have.

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Done and I hope Shancy Garrison canRest In Peace!


This morning’s inspection & fee was dedicated to Shauncy & her daughter.
Just goes to show you that when you do something nice you get rewarded without realizing it. Turned out this morning’s inspection was one of the easiest inspections I’ve done in quite some time.
Thoughts & prayers to her little girl, friends & family.


Outstanding gesture.

I agree, Brandon!

Wow I had no idea. Thank you for posting this Kenton. Shancy was an invaluable resource for us that use HG. She spent a lot of her free time (unselfishly) helping us users on the Home Gauge User’s Facebook page. She will be missed and thank you for posting the go fund me link.

May God bless her little girl and the rest of her family at this time.

Wow. She was great to work with. Her lively personality was so contagious. She will be missed. Rest in peace. Prayers for her daughter, a Mother’s love can not be replaced,

For those who did not know Shancy Garrison, here is a small testament to her generosity. (scroll down to the 3rd row.):

If you can, please donate for her daughter :

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Larry, thanks for the link to the HOF, I had forgotten about that. It has been shared in my FB HG group.

My pleasure, Scot. I’m glad more got out there about Shancy and her daughter.

Tim Spargo put it up first in the HG forum.

That was my post.

Sorry Scot, confusion of terms. Tim Spargo put it up in the HomeGague forum of InterNACHI’s message boards](In loving memory and support of Shancy Garrison).
You put it up on the HomeGauge Facebook page which I guess is also called a forum.

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