Past moisture intrusion on pier...question

House was built in the 1950’s…totally remodeled
including bathrooms…No signs of active water leaks.
I had the client flush the toilet and turn on the water
as I observed the plumbing through the crawlspace.

What about the past water damage to the pier?
Do we recommend repairs?


Beam? Wood post? I can’t see it too well, but I don’t see a masonry pier, which would be a concern. What I do see is decay to wood. What was the condition of it? Did you probe it for density with a pick hammer or awl?

No I did not probe it…

So, other than staining, what damage is there, if any? That would be the answer to your question.

Hmm… Undetermined.

You need one of these. Commonly called a rock hammer or geologist hammer. Good for wacking the wood to determine the extent of damage due to water or termites. Also good for pulling back insulation at drains do you don’t have to stick your hand up there where Mr. Noshoulders could be hiding.

Tip. Paint the thing fluorescent orange so you can find it easily…sooner or later you’ll be crawling around the CS looking for it.

While I do not always carry every tool I have on me into a crawlspace… must items are:

  1. camera
  2. digital recorder
  3. probing instrument
  4. volt tester
  5. my phone in case I get stuck
  6. flashing light (head lamp)
  7. moisture meter
  8. tape measure

One can never probe, prod and pick enough when in a crawlspace.
I average over 100 pictures on every inspection…my record is over 300 pictures.


That one tool I don’t carry into the crawl (or attic) for this reason: if I see an open JB or a terminated wire, whether it has current or not is irrelevant. Flipping on a certain switch or breaker could make any non-energized wire live. Therefore I write them all up.

Not our job in CA. We note the evidence of damage and defer to the termite inspector. As HI’s we are not allowed to “identify” termites or other WDO’s in our reports.