I don’t do IR now, but it is in my plan for 2009.

I would like to have the patent issue put to bed before I begin.

Comment HERE please.

Ignore it. Talked to my lawyer and he says it is not applicable.

Yawn… It is a non-issue.

Upon further conversation with an old, wise and handsome (Yeah, I can suck-up with the best of 'em.) I will amend my comments.

I GREATLY recommend that each and every inspector check with their own lawyers before moving forward. Different states, different laws and different ways of doing things.

I have a good lawyer who is very experienced with our state’s HI law and litigation, but things may be different in your state.

Besides, my lawyer is also a good friend and doesn’t charge me too much. Your situations may (and probably are) different.

Hope this helps;

The home inspection industry is using IR more than ever before and increasing with every month. Are the IR camera manufacturers going to have to first warn home inspectors that even though they bought their IR camera, they may not legally be allowed to used it, because of this guy’s patent?

Perhaps this guy also realizes that he may have got approval for his patent, but fears the consequences and expense of trying to take on the entire HI industry and the IR camera manufactures (who have a vested interest in the free use of their IR cameras).

This may be the reason he has, up to this point, never sued anyone, to enforce his patent.

Also, if this guy reaches 20,000 home inspectors with his threats and convinces just 1% to pay him monthly fees, then this may be far more profitable. For a good while now, that appears what he is trying to do. It would seem to give him a little leverage with newbies taking his training that he is the Pope and they must send him the patent tithes.

How many Inspectors are using IR?
How many have certification?
Are there valid records?

IMO, its all a load of crap. Just some guy trying to make a buck. Personally, I don’t have time for idiots. In the end, sometimes its easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

For one thing about this company…that’s stating about the patent is for sure not true…He mentioned to me that it was filied about 9 years ago and they finally approved it in 2008…Looking up the patent number which I have connections to get in all search files for all patents, copy right informations…all files were admitted in 2006…and also the gentelman i spoke with was hesitant to give me his PHYSICAL address, I asked him 3 times, then he put me on hold then comes back with an address, now how bogus is this company…He was worried about just giving me a simple address…He asked me why i needed it ? wow didn’t hink a simple address would matter to a big huge company…I’m not even sure if the address he gave me was real or not…oh well…

I Called ITC and they are aware of this situation and they are looking into this matter with their attorneys, cause many have been calling for what this is all about…

So what i say to this guy tryin his best to collect money from a stupid idea…Hope you have a day job…lol…lol

If FLIR-ITC feels this guy is cutting into their sales too much, and causing
undo panic among potential buyers… this guy is toast.