Our promise to the IR Community regarding HomeSafe patents.

As many of you know, HomeSafe owns the patents for using infrared cameras on home inspections. InterNACHI has been in a legal battle with them for some time. An update is available here: https://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/international-association-certified-home-inspectors-continues-fight-inspectors-homesafe-infrared-litigation-113844/

Anyway, it appears these lawsuits and counter-lawsuits will wrap up by May of 2017 unless a settlement is reached in which case, even earlier. InterNACHI is only going to settle if HomeSafe relinquishes the patents to InterNACHI. It is a condition of us dropping our lawsuits against the owner of HomeSafe (the Judge ruled that we were free to sue the owner personally).

If we get ownership of the patents, and I think we will… I, on behalf of InterNACHI, am hereby publicly promising to make the patents public domain.

Thank you Nick for protecting Home Inspectors everywhere who use infrared cameras on home inspections.

It pleases me greatly to hear that. Thank you Nick.

Good work

Good work!

Good Work! Thanks Guys!

Good news, good work!

So the patients will be free for use, but you will be suing members of other associations who advertise including it with home inspections? Or free for all home inspectors to use without fear?

Placing them in the public domain requires relinquishing all rights to them. There would be no further ownership of the processes defined in them. They would be free for public use, which means by anyone.

I know what that interpretation means chuck, but I was asking Nick if that was his intent as I have previously heard different. But it’s always best to get info straight from the horse’s mouth, than to believe rumours, so I asked.

I think we should ask ASHI to form an exploratory committee on this matter.


There is no ambiguity in the statement

Lol John