Home Safe Threatens to Sue IR Inspectors

Has anyone received an email from IR Info Group stating that Home Safe, the company that claims in their advertising that they can “see through walls,” is claiming a patent to IR inspections and threatening to sue anyone performing such inspections? They state that they will “license” anyone performing such inspections for $79/month, AFTER they certify said inspector for the use of “their product.”

My questions, how in the world can they claim propriety of a technology with so many manufacturers and products? AND, what do we do about it if contacted by them?

You might want to copy/past the e-mail. You link is to comcast and doesn’t tell us anything relivant.

Don’t you belong to a national home inspection association that promotes the use of this product? Doesn’t that association have lawyers on staff?

Nick should be all over this issue…not because he cares about the members, but this will interfere with his recruiting and much of his other promotions.

Put him on it.

Already discussed .
http://www.nachi.org/forum/f11/patent-rights-infrared-held-homesafe-inspection-34615/ and also

I have two similar patents submitted to my lawyer for review. I am going to patten eating and breathing. Anyone who conducts either activity will have to pay me $0.05 for every breath and $5.00 for every meal eaten. I plan to submit patents for the living and death too. Evey day someone is alive, I have to be paid $0.05 and every day someone is dead it’s going to cost them $0.01 per day.

I should be able to make enough to do IR scans and buy a sweet camera so that I can afford their license fees.

Mark - the email is humongous and would be large to paste. I can try it. I think I screwed up on the other one. I can forward it to you off line here. Would that be preferable for you?

I was wondering what people were doing if they had been contacted by them. We’ll wait it out and see what happens. I think conducting inspections while wearing shoes would be a good patent - since no one else is taking it I think I will… thanks to all.