Patio secured to house

I observed the securing of the patio to the house by nails only.
The house is 20 years old, It seems to me that there shd be some lag
bolt into the wall of the house…The structure was secured and did
not wiggle or sway…two pictures included…

I would not go so far as to say that a pergola needs the same attachment as a load bearing deck would need. But then a pergola is normally free-standing. While it would be easy to add some lag bolts, they need to remember to seal those holes in the stucco or Carl will start taking pictures…

I would be willing to bet that house does not have paper thin stucco on it!

No control joint’s.

No backer rod and sealant joint’s from the looks of it.

No 2" space between the stucco and the concrete.

I wonder if ASTM and AAMA could be wrong about some of their specs???
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What is worse the way it is or having the ledger in the stucco with no flashing?

Thanks Stephen.

Most Muni’s have lag req’s @ 16" OC staggered or 2 SDS screws 16" OC.

Might want to look @ IRC/IBC as well.


I want the beer can crusher mounted on the post! :slight_smile:

The best thing one can say about it is that it’s quick and dirty, and thank goodness there’s little load on the “roof”.