Pay per inspection E&O?

Can anyone tell me which insurance company it is that offers pay per inspection E&O insurance? I have been following the recent threads, but I don’t see anything on it.

Thanks for any info

Allen insurance group and Frea insurance.


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I can’t seem to find any info on this at FREA’s website… Does Anyone know where I can?

Also, Has anyone used this type of insurance to start out? I’ve heard mixed opinions on it. I think it ‘could’ be worthwhile to get my foot in the door.


Slide down half way, and its documented there …


I found Allen Insurance’s “pay per insurance” long ago.

I can’t find FREA’s info on it. Anyone??

Me Too!!! Starting out in the inspection business, it makes little sense to pay big bucks for a policy. Pay per inspection seems the way to go, then when you are up and running, then a standard policy makes sense. Would hate to get a policy, then only have one or two inspections, spread that out on your spread sheet, and it’s a no win decission. So, thanks for the information on pay per inspection, and has any one out there started out with this type of insurance? Or, did you start out with "I hope I don’t screw up and get sued?

All of your great information is appreciated

For the record, FREA does not do pay-per-inspection E&O insurance. While we recognize the start-up cost involved with being new to the industry, and even being a seasoned inspector in this market, it’s not something we are interested in getting into. Great concept, but next to impossible to make it work from the insurance company perspective.