What kind of Piping is This?

Inspected a house built in 1997 that had some grey PB piping but the majority of the piping was this clear stuff with crimped fittings. I assumed it was PEX. Am I wrong?

PEX and PB.

I have a client that’s telling me he has a leak and that the clear piping is PB and I misled him by telling him it was PEX. He said a plumber said it was PB as well. Thanks.

I have never seen clear PB

Ive seen it in white but long ago. A plumber buddy of mine had a scrap piece

Look for a larger section where you can make out the markings on the pipe. It will identify the material and manufacture. If you can get that info come back here with a photo. Here are some helpful photos.

What was in the attic?
That photo looks like a re-pipe, '97 was about the last year we plumbed with poly here in Orlando, and if so, then the newly installed PEX pipe would have been clearly visible. As for the leak, maybe they had a bad crimp on a fitting, certainly not the first time I’ve seen that with PEX.