Just wondering what people charge for a PDI (pre-delivery inspection).
Do most just charge there normal HI rate? Does everyone do a full scale HI when doing a PDI. I could see there being problems with this. Well, actually it would be more of a problem with the builder who will be present. Anyways, just looking for some thoughts and opinions.

Greg Melien

I charge the same for all Inspections $450;00 including all taxes


Just out of curiosity, how many taxes?

Technically speaking a PDI is the builders term, and is the builders day with their customer.

There are different approaches to conducting an inspection of a new home. (1) Traditional home inspection or (2) such as here in Ontario - relating the home inspection to the Tarion Guidelines.

BTW: If it’s still the builders site, you may expect some opposition/questions such as are you acting on behalf of the purchaser and perhaps even evidence of your OHSA- slip and fall training.

Most inspectors that I know charge the same general home inspection. Perhaps prices vary depending on the local competition.

At this time it is PST 5% ( PROVINCIAL SALES TAX )

In June it goes to 13% HST ( harmonax sales tax )

Claude’s right.
Along with safety boots and hard hat in your truck, I carry an extra hard hat for clients to use, $15 at rona and I keep clean in a bag so it looks presentable. I charge a regular fee.

I wouldn’t even think of charging my reg. fee for a PDI. There is far more involved with PDI inspections then normal re-sale buyer’s inspections. You guy’s know that, why would you charge a mere $450 for a PDI? I also agree with Claude, I have stopped attending the PDI with the builder and client. I do the 30 day, or 1 year inspections only. My fee’s start at $600, and go up from there depending on the size of house.



Thanks Mario I put PST@5% I should have said GST @5%

The 13% HST comes into effect on July 1, 2010 in Ontario


14. Will there be HST exemptions and rebates for consumers?

In general, a harmonized sales tax rate of 13% will apply to all goods and services that are currently subject to GST.

All those taxes. You guys really need a TEA Party of your own.

Works for us most Canadians are happy with the returns .

I’m with Mario.
Only I prefer the post delivery by one day to a week, just before the new owners start to move in but just after the they take possession.
A full day with all faucets tested all tubs filled all shower heads turned on all lights tested to name just of the few systems and components.
Pictures aplenty.
A complete visual library in a tidy three ringed binder.
You might say a creampuff. But not easy money.

T.Neyedli CHI

Oh no we are NOT!! You should have said most Easterners are happy with the returns. Not out West in God’s country. We would like to see less government, less taxes and more money in our pockets. Government is the most inefficient machine ever built. I’m just sayin’:cool:

So ANARCHY is better with everyone carrying a gun??? Go to a third world country with no elected government and no taxes, then tell us where you want to live.

We don’t appreciate that we live in one of the top 2-3 countries in the world. Do you think that the government had nothing to do with this great situation we find ourselves in simply because of where we were born??? Because we can’t have it all right now, we whine, and whine and whine…


OH!!! BTW, we are the government, so complain to yourself also!!

Brian…were you dropped on your head as a child? You really need to get a grip buddy. Don’t be putting words in my mouth. I never said I didn’t want a government, I said LESS government and tell me whats wrong with that (not sure where you live but it sounds like you have drunk the Obama “government is God and will take care of your every need” cool-aid. Maybe you live in Canada and are still choked about the Liberals being removed from power)? I also said LESS taxes and what could be wrong with that? Government is now way beyond it’s original purpose and scope and quite frankly have become oppressive in many ways. Finally, I said I want MORE MONEY in my pocket and can’t figure out why you wouldn’t want more in yours.

Actually my guns make me and my family feel quite safe, after all…usually the police show up after the bad guys have broken into a home and abused a family. I will defend my family from anarchy and yours too if you asked me.

Personally I am quite thankful (to God, not the government) for all I have and never whine for anything from the government. Yes I do vote and write my MLA or MP when necessary, but even though I AM THE GOVERNMENT…the people we elect to represent us never seem to listen to me…go figure…

I’m sure you are a great guy Brian but really…GO SHAKE YOUR OWN HEAD…then let someone else SHAKE IT FOR YOU!!

Just curious which two countries you feel,are better or above us,and in what way.?


From another:

*The London-based Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Liveability Ranking, conducted a worldwide search for the best places to live and visit. Looking at 40 different indicators arranged in five separate categories, including stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure, EIU published some interesting findings. With three cities in the top ten, Canada came out on top due to its low crime, little threat from terrorism and a highly developed infrastructure. The best ranked US cities were Cleveland and Pittsburgh, both ranking 26th in the World. *

  • ***Vancouver, Canada ***
  • ***Melbourne, Australia ***
  • ***Vienna, Austria ***
  • ***Toronto, Canada ***
  • **Calgary, Canada **

From: http://www.english-vancouver.com/canada-human-development/
"For almost a decade (up to the year 2001), Canada](http://www.studyvec.com/facts-about-canada/) was ranked number one among 175 countries in the United Nation’s Quality of Life survey.
Canada still manages to maintain a relatively high standard today. According to the *2004 UN Human Development Index](http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0778562.htmlhttp://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0778562.html), Canada was ranked fourth overall. (Read detailed 2004 information on Canada from the United Nations web site.)"*
Since 2001, Canada has slipped to #4,5,6 behind Norway, Australia, Iceland (??), Denmark, Sweden. I still prefer my little area of Canada- Nova Scotia.