Pee bath

Home was buili in 2001.

Water heater was warranty replaced in 2004.

Whirlpool bath looked like you were bathing in a toilet.

Water heater drain was discolored and the tank was already getting heavy sediment & discoloration.

Home is on city water. The tank is a power vent 75 gallon capacity.

I told my client I dont think you want to keep replacing your tank every four years.

I advised getting a plumber to do a water test and then advise for correcting the water quality.

What do you think is in the water? It is Lake Erie finest.:mrgreen:

116908 027 (Small).jpg

116908 044 (Small).jpg

Was the house vacant for some time?

Was “discolored” water from hot or both?

The home was occupied. I just ran the cold at the whirlpool.

David…I’m not trying to ‘one-up’ you but I thought I’d share a similar situation from day before yesterday’s inspection. This was hot water at the occupied home’s whirlpool bath:


That is nasty. At least with the one I showed you could dump some bubbles in to disguse the pee coloration. The one you showed looks like a fudge factory.

Yes, it was like something out of the Amityville Horror…if there had been flies all over the windows I woulda been outta there! :shock:

Was there a water softener in the home?

The color of it looks like the mineral bed material has blown out.
If you feel it it will be little round balls.

New jingle…

“The best part of waking up - is Foldgers in your TUB!”

Texas Tea and I’m sure you cleaned up your mess :wink:

That has happened a couple times now at my house. Well caved in and I got pretty muddy water for a spell. Solution; more drilling and pounding casing in deeper. Not so much fun.

Water test is the only way to go. Have seen this from wells, but not much from city or community water supply. If there is a hole in the main to the house it will act like a suction when a large amount of water is run in the house. Then it will leak like the devil when the water isn’t running. Michael is probably right though on the pee colored one.
Wouldn’t want to drink either one.

What was plumbing supply material?


Could there be dissimilar connection in supply causing corrosive reaction?