Pending Sales of Existing Homes in U.S. Increased 3.4% in April

Great time to be a home inspector.

I got certified back in early April and got certified by the Georgia Conference of Home Inspectors back in March. I joined Home Advisors and I spent this past Saturday going door-to-door putting InterNACHI flyers on the door handles along with my information. I have a website,, and have yet to land a sale. No one has called or even visited my website. What is the best way that you know of to get the phone to ring?

Keep doing what your doing. Bake homemade goodies for your local realtors and visit open houses. Do this for a year or 2 and if it don’t work out, try harder.

I have to try that, I haven’t really done open house marketing much.

The inspection profession follows the 80/20 rule just like most other professions. 20% of the inspectors are making 80% of the money.

This is still a relationship business but there are ways to get business without relationships. The best way in my opinion is ppc advertising and seo. If you don’t know what you are doing, hire a local digital marketing agency. There are a ton in GA. Once you start getting inspections from the internet, make sure you forge relationships with the Realtors at the inspections.

Find the top 150 realtors in your area and mail them a flyer, brochure, or coupon every 2 weeks, or stop by their offices every 2 weeks. Consistency is super important.

Be available and be likeable. You will get your piece of the pie.