Permission to give agent report

It seems like more and more agents around here expect to be given a copy of the inspection report. I have been getting a verbal ok from the clients to copy the agent on the report but have decided I need something a bit more legal. I’m thinking of something in the PIA or maybe a separate form to be signed. So, what are you guys doing?

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At a minimum, your written consent to provide a copy of your report to anyone should meet the following COE requirements:

The InterNACHI member shall not release any information about the inspection or the client to a third party unless doing so is necessary to protect the safety of others, to comply with a law or statute, or both of the following conditions are met:
the client has been made explicitly aware of what information will be released, to whom, and for what purpose, and;
he client has provided explicit, prior written consent for the release of his/her information.

From International Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors - InterNACHI

It’s in my PIA and I verbally ask during my driveway speech (which I usually give in the kitchen). Everyone looks at me like I am an idiot for asking and says yeah of course.

Check also with your state SOP. In Illinois, inspectors are given the freedom to share information with the duly authorized representative.

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That settles it. I’ll put it in the PIA. Got any good wording?

Doesn’t anything you put in your PIA automatically become hidden though?

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Only when non descriptive code words and acronyms are used.

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Just as you and your cohort feel you are doing nothing but vetting “unscrupulous vendors”. I feel it’s my duty to vett the purveyors of keyboard cow pies that spend all day talking about the business practices of others instead of running businesses themselves.

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I don’t think Darren is talking about sending the report to the selling Agent/party.

I never send the report or discuss my findings with anyone except the Buyer & the Buyers Agent - Buyers Agent only with the clients written permission which the client has an “OPT IN” option written into my PIA. And yes, it’s in red bold letters in my PIA.

Client Agrees to permit Inspector to release Inspection Report to clients Realtor/Broker by initialing here :______

I have a separate sheet of paper that is used to obtain information as well as permissions.

  1. I always want information on the client that is not in the inspection agreement. I ask for current mailing address, phone numbers, and additional email addresses where they might want the report sent.

  2. I ask permission to send a copy of the report to their agent and discuss the report with their agent as well as any trades / repair personnel that are working on their behalf.

  3. I get separate permission to use photos from their inspection for training purposes, or to seek information from various sources (this message board for example).

Some inspectors don’t want a separate piece of paper but I know the information I have gathered has been very useful in tracking clients that say… bounced a check on a property they ended up not purchasing. Not all transactions have an agent or representative. It is just added protection. The extra sheet gets attached to the contract and stored for 5 years as required by my state. If there is ever any question as to whether I had permission or not, I have proof separate from the contract.