Pests in the siding?

Aluminum sided ranch w/ crawl. Nothing of interest in this part of crawl or attic.

On one side of the house there was an intermitent “clicking” noise from behind the siding.

Any ideas? Bees? There were a few (3-5) buzzing around the area (lots of surrounding vegetation).

BTW - I edited out the part of me running away from a couple that took a keen interest in me. :wink:

Based on your shadow, the sun was shining on this wall… heat expansion?

by the buckle i would say it was to tight . probably expansion

Sounded like heat expansion to me as well. Gotta love aluminum.

I came across the same thing a few weeks ago. Not as loud as in your video, but maybe more easily identifiable as siding expansion.

Don’t you know morse code? It said, I am stuck inside wall. Barnabas Collins :shock: