Wave in siding

Fellow Inspectors,

Here is a photo of the west wall of today’s house. I know the siding is a reflection of what is underneath. Any ideas on what could be the cause besides the less than stellar installation? Recommendations…



I asked this question and it looks to be the same concern. Follow the link below.


In your case, did you ever find out what the problem was?

Looks like framing less than plumb from here.

Fibrous siding does expand and contract if im not mistaken.
I have found walls that get the most sun tend to have this condition more often…

After seeing so many wavy siding jobs I was concerned when I decided to take on my own project. My son, son-law and myself installed 30 square on my two story 150 year old house and we had to be very careful on the install.

Your picture looks like it could be an underlying framing issue or poor installation. On my own home we had to constantly eyeball it to adjust for uneven walls and make sure that it wasn’t installed to tight by grabbing a piece after nailing and making sure it could slide back and forth freely. BTW it turned out great and remains so 6 years later even with our 125 degree temperature swings.

Is there sheathing on the wall under the siding?

It looks like it’s cut too long to expand properly and nailed too tight. It doesn’t appear hung as vinyl needs to be. My thoughts…

Also looks like they really drove in the nails along the bottom edge.

Yes and house wrap…

Was it OSB?