Poppong Sounds

Any idea what would cause vinyl siding to make a popping sound when the wind blows? I know siding might make a popping sound if it’s nailed too tight and can’t expand during temperature changes. But I don’t remember ever hearing anything about popping sounds when the wind blows.

It can happen if the nails were not driven in far enough and the nailing holes in each panel ride across the nail shafts. Much like when subflooring starts to squeak because of loose nails.

Thanks Scott. Pulling the siding from side to side should identify it that’s indeed the problem.

Also you have a vacuum to deal with…

When the wind blows past the wall it creates a low pressure area (kind of like over the top of a plane wing). That causes the siding to “suck” out, and away from the home. As the wind ebbs and flows, the siding will go in and out slapping against the sheeting making a “Poppong sound”.:wink: The sound you hear could be several things: slapping against sheeting, sliding along nails, rubbing against each other, edges popping at j-channel, etc.

I inspected the siding (Prodigy Insulated) and found it to be loose but possibly too loose. Grabbing the siding I noted it made loud popping sounds when pulled. When I removed a couple sections the nails were particularly loose in some nails spaced up to 24". According to the manufacturers installation nails should be no less than 16" on center.

All aluminum and vinyl siding make popping noises when expanding and contracting. It’s part of the nature of it. Very few people complain about it. But some do. As far as wind goes, yes, the vinyl does make some noises, but not all the time. Mostly durring wind gusts, when there is a preasure differential. Again, that’s the nature of it. I always spaced my siding nails approx: 18 inches. I also always used controlled expansion/contraction nailing. Never knew of another sider who has. Most others nailed about 24 inches(should still not be a problem). The cheaters; well, I’ve seen them put as little as 1 nail per panel. Hard to say without being there. Now, as far as other poor installation goes; I would say a piece of siding, or a soffit panel is not fastened properly. Or, too big of accessories were used. Materials are flopping around in corners, j-chanels, etc. Maybe siding came off the starter strip. Maybe a panel came unhooked in the middle of the wall. Soffit panels in too big of chanels, etc… As far as sliding the panels back and fourth, you will not be able to tell anything. The panels are supposed to slide. Nails are not supposed to be tight. They should have approx: 1/8 inch gap between the nail head and siding panel(in ideal conditions). That’s why it’s called “Hanging” vinyl Siding. The siding “Hangs” from the nail. The nail is not holding the siding to the house. One more thing; Maybe it’s not the siding at all. If the house has tyvek house wrap (which in my opinion is the best), maybe the tyvek is making the popping noise. I know while installing the tyvek, it makes popping noises(a true popping sound).