I, for one, am getting tired of the ridiculous, idiotic posts by Robert Young of Montreal Home Inspections.

I hereby petition Nick, the owner and founder of this organization to expel the mentioned member for his attacking of members of the awards committee, and others, who volunteer their time to advance this organization.

This action is not without precedent . Previous members, Raymond Wand and Kevin Wood, have been removed for far less egregious behavior in the past.

It is truly time to be rid of this person’s BS.

Post if you agree.

Totally AGREE 100%

I respectfully disagree.

I put him on the “ignore list” three years ago and I still keep him there.

I agree Steve I think suspending those who feed him for a while ,would be a better idea .
Most complainers do a lot of complaining and do little to help our industry . All the best… Roy

Expelling you in the past has not stopped the cockroach that you are from returning and causing trouble. Why do you think it will work this time?

I think ya’ll know my opinion on this.

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Attacking some who are not involved in this post and acting like the rulers of the Profession…

I guess they definitely feel all manly and powerful attacking the ones who can’t defend themselves because Mr. Wood blocked them…

Now the whole Profession and public can definitely see how they operate and their level of Professionalism!

Is Wood still mopping floors?

Prepping his snow plow.

Ditto the sooner the better for all of us

Robert Young has apologized publicly for his past behavior.

Therefore I formally withdraw my request for his expulsion.


In the words of Robert Young… “Link please”.