Pex connection at Water Heater

The hot side of the supply has red pex connecting to blue pex. Doesn’t seem right to me. What do you think? Thanks!

From what I’m reading, red and blue pipe are the same but the colors aids the plumber when routing the pipes. All fixtures had the proper hot/cold connections. Sound good?

That’s correct. Color is only to help identify hot/cold.

Thanks Chris!

The water cools so the pipe turns blue the farther you get from the water heater…

So is the T&P discharging into the attic or is that something unrelated?


So cold water entry to is located at expansion tank, blue pipe with valve; hot water supply is at front of tank, copper pipe changing to glued plastic piping and tpr discharge is located at rear of tank, red pipe changing to blue…

Not proper for the tpr discharge pipe to be oriented upward…

Do you have an overall photo of the WH?

18" between water heater and pex is recommended

Agree, from what I read.

I do but I’m out of town now.

Agree and I comment on it. Here, even on new contruction, many tpr discharge pipes go up and then out the side of the house. The only thing common with this set up is there is a valve to drain the pipe before it turns upward. The discharge end is open and usually 6 inches above the ground. :roll:

Should discharge within 6" of the ground

It is not recommended in Canada if the WH is electric but it is in the US, go figure…

I think its manufacturer specific. Not knowing the specific manufacturer. I referenced a generic industry guidelines issued by The Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association. A check of their web site show a newer version of the guidelines is available and it says that connecting pex to an electric water heater is acceptable if the local code and manufacturer allow it. Time to update reference library.

But we know, it is Pex…