PEX connections corrosion

Found corroded? PEX plumbing connections in an attic today here in Florida. Ive seen plenty of this stuff but have yet to see the connection tarnish like this. Any other experiences? Normal. Attic was hot and dry.

Upon further research, it appears the Quest pipe might have a history of connections failing in this manner. Just wondering if others have seen this and can verify.


Research dezincification and kitec

Good find. May have saved your client heartache

I saw some like that in a Chinese drywall house in North Cape Coral recently. 2006 house that was a flip / by owner sale. The house that I was in, had all of the ground wires cut off in the outlet & switch boxes and new copper had been wire nutted on:shock:

I have this type PEX in my house and it’s 16 years old and looks brand new at the fittings.

Not a Chinese drywall home that I can determine. But dezincification and kitec is the key here I think. This brand of PEX apparently has a issue with this type of failure. Anyway am documenting it, calling it out and putting it in a licensed professionals hands i.e. recommend a licensed plumbing contractor further evaluate it.