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Came across a house that used PEX. I noticed that brass connectors were used for elbows everywhere but at three locations. At these three locations they used copper connections that looks like copper elbows. Are these approved by the manufacturer? I looked up PEX connectors and couldn’t find anything that looks like copper elbows.


If those are Zurn fittings there may be an issue…
**Zurn Pex Faces Class Action Lawsuits **********
May 17, 2008. By Heidi Turner
St. Paul, MN: Consumers who have Zurn Pex plumbing systems in their homes may discover that the system is not all it was cracked up to be. People have already experienced leaking in their homes that has caused significant water damage. Some lawsuits have already been filed, although as more consumers experience problems with their Zurn Pex plumbing more lawsuits will likely be filed.

One such lawsuit was filed in August 2007. The class action lawsuit, filed by Denise and Terry Cox, alleges that brass plumbing fittings used in their residential plumbing system failed, causing extensive damage to their home. The lawsuit seeks to represent all owners with Zurn Pex plumbing systems that have brass fittings. The plaintiffs are seeking replacement of all Zurn fittings, regardless of whether or not they have already failed.

Meanwhile, a different lawsuit was filed by a man and woman who claim that Zurn Pex plumbing systems caused damage to their home. According to the Bismark Tribune, the plaintiffs are requesting the lawsuit be certified class action. The lawsuit alleges that the Zurn Pex brass fittings failed just months after they were installed, causing extensive damage and resulting in health problems.

Consumers are not just concerned about major flooding in their homes, but also about slow leaks. Brass fittings are often hidden in hard to reach areas, such as in drywall or between floors. In such places, a leak could take a long time to detect, in the meantime causing damage to the walls and floors, allowing mold to develop and causing health problems for residents.

People who have not yet experienced leaks or flooding are also concerned. Because the fittings are so difficult to reach, replacing them can be costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, consumers allege that Zurn, the company that makes the Zurn Pex fittings, is not honoring its warranties, leaving customers to pay for repair and replacement of their fittings.

In many cases, the fittings are failing in a very short time after they were installed. One person who wrote to noted that he had fittings fail within six months of being installed, causing flooding in his home.

As more people experience problems with their Zurn Pex plumbing systems, more lawsuits will likely be filed. Consumers are upset that their plumbing systems do not work as well as they should, cause water damage and health problems and require major repair work. Such repair work includes wall, floor and tile repairs, all of which can be expensive and frustrating, especially if the fittings were recently installed.

If you have Zurn Pex plumbing in your home, you may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit against Zurn Industries. Contact a lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Does not look like Zurn, they look just like some of the copper fittings involved in the PB pipe class action.

I would write it up for sure.

Never like to hear that kind of news but thanks for the information anyways.

I have to go back there tomorrow to pick the Radon machine. I’ll look to see what brand it is.

I love these digital cameras. The name on the tubing is ViegaPEX. I have to look closer but I do see they make copper connections for this type of tubing.

I was able to zoom in on my camera and see the name.:smiley:

I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to address the copper. On that side of things I don’t know. I was talking about the brass on the other fittings. I don’t know if they are Zurn or not, but they should have a stamp on them too. So I posted because I thought the info might be relevant.

I don’t write up the presence of Zurn fittings simply because Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe has filed a lawsuit against the company. Once the outcome of the suit becomes known, of course I may change my stance.

The Zurn QPEX fittings are very rounded in shape all over not just on one side.

Here is a picture of one. If you zoom you can see QPEX.
You have to be careful with the ones that have DPEX, the D looks a lot like a Q but those are squared off fittings and probably the best ones out there.

Joe, I agree with the lawsuit thing, those fittings will probably work fine in areas that do not have very aggressive water. Time will tell though. I got one that had been in use for 6+ years and took the pipe loose and looked inside, it looked fine.

Feb28 2008 046.jpg

Nor do I, but I do make a mention of the situation with them as a buyer fyi.

Hey guys, I just had a home with the ZURN PEX system and brass fittings. The only visible area was in the furnace room and over half of the fittings showed heaving corrosion and signs of prior leaking. I live in Minnesota and do believe there may be a bigger issue here, however, I am going to call out these things for sure. There has been a second suit filed and if you do a little research you will find other blogs where plumbers discuss the issues. I encourage any good inspector in Minnesota to call this out. I am not taking any chances that my client moves in and has water pouring out of a wall a week or month later only to find out the issue and I did not say anything. I am not here to protect the sale for a Realtor, I am here to protect the buyer, and if anyone has information regarding a potential problem or hazard with a system in a home, you should let the buyer know. May your insurance policy (and God) help you if you do not and something blows!



No one can see your photo Robert.

“Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe.” That is the same law firm that represented my ex in my last divorce. Really ugly…

I still have several bags of fittings in my plumbing stuff. I cringe now to think of how many of these zurn fittings I have installed in projects. This was standard stock for Lowes, but i have not bought any fittings lately, so I am curious if they are still selling any.

That’s all Lowes carries is Zurn fittings. Trust me. I know.

Maybe not much longer Huh?

Cool pex pic

Might want to return them while you still have a chance. :mrgreen:

I misspoke earlier. Lowes now carries Vanguard fittings.