PEX Plumbing?

Good evening guys,

Completed a four point earlier today and I believe this to be a type of PEX plumbing. However most PEX that I have seen in the past has been red or blue. This material was clear with a “pink” tint to it. What do you guys think?


Nevermind. I see PEX labeled right there in the photo. I’m operating a little slow today!

Mobile home?

Yep sure was. A lot of MH in this area have poly or pex plumbing. I have only seen red and blue PEX plumbing to this point so it threw me off, however I had an idea it was some form of PEX plumbing by looking at it. Then I saw it in the photo.

This is PEX also


Looks like it


Do you think they are trying to make it “appear” like C/PVC systems because they are aware of the issues and the difficulty to obtain homeowners insurance? Seems they make PEX in a variety of colors.

Personally I don’t think so. It may be evolving into a better product for that reason but not to mimic another product. JMO