4 Points inspection pipe material questions

This is a house build in 1998 and what is this pipe material. Is that PEX or POLYBUTYLENE or PVC?
I think they are not PVC as the PVC connector not like this. But they are pure white.

It’s very clearly (and obviously) PEX, it even says it on the pipe (see it in the background).

There’s a section of CPVC visible on the Hot side, so I assume the home is plumbed with that, but that’s up to you to identify.

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thanks. I agree with you, I check the picture again and it said PEX and it is brand Zurn.

Thanks again.

Note that Sharkbite on the TPR Drain is a restriction (reduction in pipe diameter) and is not allowed!
Also, the PEX TPR drainline itself should be strapped in place to prevent whipping!

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Thanks a lot.
By the way, if you do full home inspection and see PEX pipe. Will you report it is normal or need to notice buyer?


Please explain what you mean. Is PEX pipe a problem?

OK. I search in Google and see there are some lawsuit about the PEX pipe. As I know if I see POLYBUTYLENE pipe, then the buyer maybe just give up the house as the insurance cost. How about PEX pipe? Does the insurance company increase the cost because PEX pipe?


How about Copper pipe?
Do you instruct your clients to get theft coverage if they have copper piping??

Not be sound like a asshole, But if you don’t know the difference in pipes you might want to take some classes before you are actually doing inspections. I’m not sure how you got your CPI without knowing this.

This is PEX-B pipe to be more specific. Also the T&P pipe looks like it has a reducer installed which is not allowed.


Thanks William

I am progressing every single day.


Sorry, I was a bit harsh.

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Hi, William

I think this business is not enough only learn from class and it is most important to learn from experience inspector.


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