Pex Tubing ALERT

I’ve known it as PEX, but the Kitec System plumbing is under some serious scrutiny in Canada and Texas.

Does anyone else have any info on this? This is the first I’ve heard.

Roy Cooke posted an informative article about this earlier today…

Listed on my post

Also listed on your post

What forum did you use for the original post, I went back to look for it and couldn’t find it. This happens to me a lot and out of frustration I just give up looking.

Not new… been around for a while. The fittings are the main root cause.…3/#post1305730 Click here

Us U.S.ers are a bit geo-centric and we (or I guess I should just say “I”) don’t check Canadian posts. Evidently we (I) should, but my girl already complains I spend too much time in front of this computer.

I had a house built in 2005 and had it in the in-floor heat, but the potable water supply was 100% copper. I sold that home 3 years ago, but luckily all the fittings are easy to access, i.e. not buried in drywall behind a cabinet,

Now I see Nick authored an InterNACHI article on it.
Is there a way to date when an article was written? And it leaves me with more questions. Are there other fittings used with the IPEX tubing that aren’t the high Zinc type made by Kitec that would be considered okay?
Questions often lead to more questions…