Pex tubing and clamps(fittings)

I am installing Base Board heat and using Pex tubing (with oxygen barrier) for the home runs.What Pex tubing and clamps (copper,stainless steel, others) have you seen to be the most depenable.


PEX is available in most plumbing or hardware stores.

1/4" through 1" CTS (Copper Tube Size) and is packaged in coils or 20’ straight lengths. The best Pex tubing is color-coded for easy identification of hot and cold lines. Coil lengths generally run to a maximum of 1000’ and are available in a variety of shorter lengths.

The copper crimp fittings are the most widely used in my area. Other fitting systems, including insert and outside diameter compression fittings, are also available but not seen much in my area.

I prefer the black copper rings that are installed with a full circle crimp. Personally, I don’t care for the other fitting systems (esp. the racheting clamp)

Here’s a good link I picked up on this board somewhere:

Great link, thanks Jason.