Pex clamping

Does anyone have any wording about using “alternative” clamps on PEX fittings? Such as a hose clamp vs the normal binding rings?

Say something simple like “The fitting at the XXX is not approved for for use and should be replaced by a licensed plumbing contractor.”

2009 IRC P2608.3 Plastic pipe, fittings and components. All plastic
pipe, fittings and components shall be third-party certified as
conforming to NSF 14.

P2608.4 Third-party testing and certification. All plumbing
products and materials shall comply with the referenced standards,
specifications and performance criteria of this code and
shall be identified in accordance with Section P2608.1. Where
required by Table P2608.4, plumbing products and materials
shall either be tested by an approved third-party testing agency
or certified by an approved third-party certification agency.

I usually go with:

“clamping device used here is not type reccomended for propert installation by manufacturer. It is also not in line with current building standards. reccomend a licensed qualified plumber repair properly.”

or something like that.

“Non standard materials used for clamping purposes. Repairs and further evaluation required by a licensed plumber”

I use “improvised and unconventional” alot

PEX fittings should be attached to the PEX water lines with PEX crimp rings. The rings will say PEX on them. Anything else, refer.

The copper fittings for PEX are the best, but you can use hose clamps if you heat the PEX with a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the end and then tighten the hose clamp. I have in floor heat in my house and have both types of clamps in use and neither one leaks. So if you can’t get the crimper in your space allowed you could try the hose clamp method.