Phase 1 Seminar
NACHI member discount on Phase 1 Environmental Inspection Certification Course

PHASE 1 ENVIRONMENTAL INSPECTION CERTIFICATE (10 Hour Course) has been designed for inspectors, appraisers and those who are involved in existing homes. The program will actually discuss the Phase 1 Environmental Inspection, including performing an Environmental Audit on a Residential Home. The course is currently approved for continuing education credit for Real Estate Appraisers. We will make application for Home Inspector Licensing once the state grants permission for same, however no course is approved for Home Inspector Continuing Ed credit in NY State.

Students in the class will actually receive a Phase 1 Environmental Inspection form and learn all major components of an Environmental Inspection. NACHI members will receive a discount for the program, which equals 25% off the 200 registration fee. (NACHI Members 150) There is an optional exam at the conclusion of the course as well.

We believe that many people will benefit from multiple courses, including an understanding of Phase 1 Inspections. We also will explore Phase 2 and Phase 3 Policies. If you are interested in learning more about this or any other programs, please contact our school at 631-563-7720 for a free brochure. On behalf of the Appraisal Education Network School and the Merrell Institute, we are proud of our relationship and affiliation with NACHI and NACHI membership.