Phase inspection foundation wall

I brought up a phase inspection topic a few days ago about inadequate reinforcement in a concrete basement wall. Using the IRC manual there are a few steps needed to read the tables. If anyone is interested I will make a cheat sheet on how to get the soil type needed to determine the appropriate table column. I can also show you how to use the spacing adjustment if grade 40 rebar is used. IMO if you do phase inspections you need to be able to read these tables. I will include some worked examples.

Yes Randy I’m interested in learning how to read the tables. I am not doing phase inspections now but hope to at some point.

Glad you are still participating on the forum. I hope some of the other pros come back soon! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Randy, that would be of interest to me. Thank you!

I have attached a wall reinforcement guide with an example as promised.

Wall Reinforcement Guide.pdf (703.4 KB)


Thank you Randy!