PHIC scam going broke.

Now would probably be a good time to sue them.

Joe with you on the job, they should all be running and hiding out of fear!

We did sue them. One of the defendants has settled with us already and wrote us a fat check. Three more to go.


Who settled and for how much? Are we letting PHIC of the hook again so that they can and will continue to attact us?


“Rumor” has it that the First of the Three Defendants have settled.

Money recovered will be Re-invested in Attorneys to continue to sue PHIC Members in Alphabetical Order…

Thanks Nick…
Great to see this bunch of bombastic boobs go belly up.

We won against all defendants:

We’re filing 5 more lawsuits now and going after the new President’s home. We have reason to believe that some of the illegal conspiring to harm InterNACHI member’s businesses took place using the new President’s home telephone before he became President.

We’ll do 5 at a time and eventually sue every PHIC member. Then we’ll go back and do it all again on another matter.

When I lived and worked in PA these folks choose to market their coalition by attempting to discrediting others. They are getting just what they deserve and are being held accountable for their actions; something that seems to have been lost.


Nothing has changed.

As of Last Week, ASHI Chapter Members / Officers in Pennsylvania are still telling RE Agents that NACHI Inspectors are Non-Compliant with the PA Legislation.

Sorry to hear that Joe…
Can’t say I’ve missed the winter or these folks. Could this be the beginning of the end?

Joe, get me the name of any agent that heard it and we’ll track down the soon-to-be-homeless ASHI inspector who said it. We’ll file a suit against anyone who lies about us.

We have several agents, one PHIC member and one sitting legislator going to testify against our next batch of 5.

"What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it… well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men

The comment was made in the course of a Home Inspection Thursday Afternoon.

For those PA NACHI Members that have been receiving phone calls from PHIC Officers this past week, do not be fooled for one second as to their true intentions.

This particular RE Agent specifically mentioned the pending Legislation as intended to put the “Alternative” (Non-ASHI) Non-Compliant PA HI Organization Out of Business.

Individual battles might be won, but it doesn’t matter when someone else wins the war.


PHIC doesn’t win either ever. I have a 1999 email from Joe Kelly talking about how we’ll be shut down and out of business any day.

You have that one too… :slight_smile:

We did sue them. One of the defendants has settled with us already and wrote us a fat check. Three more to go.

ASHI {New Hampshire} has also set up a phony / fake coalition and is trying to set up legislation to control the Home Inspector’s industry in New Hampshire.

We have not sued them but I am considering filing charges against them…
The Charge?

Felony Ignorance!:twisted:

How about an inspector attacking the organization he himself started with.

Too funny…:mrgreen: