NACHI sues PHIC, NAHI Chapter and individual NAHI members personally.

This could become very interesting indeed.

They filed a motion today in Michigan desiring to resume legal hostilities, so back to war.

It looks to be in the months ahead,
With a jury to instruct,
Some judge will pronounce these a-holes “Dead”,
And PHIC will finally be PHUC’d.

Looks like you have them, Nick. Like the saying goes - when you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will soon follow.

They are reneging on the settlement?


But they wanted it, evidently…

What about this Nick?

The Canadian non Nachi associations may want to take note of this action. :wink:

So true Ray!!!

Go get 'em Nick and Joe Ferry!

I for one am tired of this ASHI, NAHI, NACHI fight. It really does seem to be moronic. I mean what will it really do for all? someone wins they can be looked upon as the bad guy and vice versa.
I belong to Nahi in Pa but really see no reason why this continues. I quit PHIC ages back due to its politics. it really has no power, only what the people decide to give it.
I was considering joining NACHI but after reading some of Nicks bedside mannerisms, I had second thoughts. Now lets see if we can have a discussion without bashing here. I am up for a discussion about my state since I do work here.
Now Nick, besides making nahi members look like crap and pissing off phic, what do you exactly plan to accomplish? You do realize this has been hashed over ages ago? The same outcome will more than likely exist as did last time.
phic will continue to operate and nachi will continue to be looked upon poorly by them. if you want to be looked upon as a good organization, then have a proctored test. I think really this may be all they are dissing about. Surely there is enough local chapters where someone can volunteer to proctor tests.
Maybe I am mistaken but from the past discussions this is what i remember that was a major problem.
( my shift key broke so sorry for the lack or caps).:frowning:

Hell i would be willing to help out with proctoring if needed…


Nick has never bashed NAHI members/inspectors just NAHI as an org. and you know the reason why.

Different associations can say what they want… this is U.S.A.

But when one seeks to publicly destroy the business and
reputation of other inspectors in a local area… is it wrong
for those in duress to seek relief?

The courts have already stated that PHIC has no authority
to enforce the law, but they still act like they do… even to
the damage of other local inspectors.

NACHI is speaking for the oppressed, in this case.

John B. Allen,

Thanks for posting.

This time it is much worse. One of Mallory-owned, for-profit association members actually emailed REALTORs listing NACHI members by name and saying that they were operating illegally. Another Mallory-owned, for-profit member wrote an article which his local Board of REALTORs accidentally published. We settled already with that Board and they are publshing a full explanation in their next newsletter. Others are already admitting to a conspiracy to harm NACHI member’s businesses (a criminal act). Silly me, I was going to let it go but 2 days ago I got word from the Mallory-owned, for-profit association’s attorney that he was filing a motion to compel us to moderate this board (something I specifically refused to do and did not agree to do in any agreement anywhere). So, back to war. This will all likely lead to us suing Mallory Anderson personally. It is clear they want to continue using their member’s dues on warmongering attorneys rather than

P.S. I reserve my first amendmant right to be offensive and rude when trying to emphasize a point regarding an issue that affects my industry.

Hello John,

Thanks for posting in a calm and collected manner. It’s nice to see someone from another association coming to this board for once and not trying to start trouble. I just wanted to point out that NACHI does offer a proctored exam for it’s Pennsylvania members. You can find the press release here at .

Press Release

MEDIA, PA — Delaware County Community College is pleased to announce its partnership with The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).
The College, a founding member of the Collegiate Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development, is working with its member colleges and NACHI to administer a National Certification Examination (NACHI’s Online Inspector Examination) for home inspectors in a Web-based format. In addition, DCCC will be establishing sites as needed throughout the country to administer a written examination should face-to-face monitoring be required.
The NACHI Online Inspector Examination is available online at no charge!

There is a concept that some folks do not seem to grasp. The very purpose for the freedom of speech is not to protect popular speech, because it needs no protection. It is those that dissent that need these protections. It is also only protection from government action. You have no First Amendment rights on this, or any other, message board. However, one of the things that distinguishes this association from the others is the spirited debate that takes place here. As for NAHI’s attorney’s demand that this board be moderated, that IS a First Amendment violation, because he is asking the government to IMPOSE the moderation on us. That is government action to silence the speech that Mallory and NAHI don’t like on this message board. That will not stand.

Keep in mind what the NAHI attorneys, at the direction of their Executive Director, are wanting to censor.

The deposition is a matter of public record. The excerpts that have been published are being publicly analyzed and remarked upon.

We know from these transcripts that the ED of NAHI has several file cabinets filled with documents related to us. Discussions regarding us, and the need to put us out of business, are regularly discussed in private between her and “leaders of other associations”.

We can see from this that darkness and secrecy are the preferred environment for those who mean us harm. Bringing them into the light and displaying a description of their deeds -in their own words- is a bit too much for them to bare.

As our PHUC’d-up friends at PHIC are about to learn…NAHI will, as well…that we don’t start these fights ---- but we are more than capable of finishing them.

It just shows you how many other inspectors, attorneys, realtors and associations enjoy
reading all the neat discussions and debates on the NACHI message board. We might even be featured on CNN soon… :slight_smile:

They can’t stop reading it, even if they wanted to…

The assertions and statements made in depositions generally broaden the scope of subpoenas and the need for additional discovery / testimony.

I think I just heard a truck pull up in front of NAHI. It’s full of document shredders…