Phoenix area Chapter Meeting - Aug 1, 2006

**Our next local chapter meeting will be the evening of August 1, 2006. The meeting will be held at Arizona Suntech from 6 pm until 9 pm. **

**Arizona SunTech
**2538 East University Dr. Suite 100, Phoenix Arizona 85034
Tel. 602.286.9600 Fax 602.286.9602

Topics will include issues with pigeon infestations, and inspecting homes with Polybutylene (PB) plumbing.

Please RSVP by calling 480-232-1875 or by email.

Please check the chapter web site at for additional meeting information.


How did you talk ASHI-Allen into that?..:stuck_out_tongue:

I said “pretty please”…?

He is an education vendor Dale, need I say more.:wink:

Nice job adding our info on the web page Cheryl.:smiley:


Joe Ferry will be joining us in Phoenix on August 1.

He will be discussing:

  1. Contract Issues in a Home Inpsection
  2. Tort Issues in a Home Inspection
  3. Limiting your exposure to suit
  4. What to do in event of a claim/suit
  5. E & O Issues
  6. General Liability Issues
  7. What to do if you’re insured
  8. What to do if you’re not insured

This should be fun, I look forward to it Joe.

Cheryl has NACHI HQ sent any goodies to pass out???

Brian and Goodies…Not a GOOD MIX

Well that explains the lack of table skirts at our last shindig Cheryl out together.:smiley:

I am wondering why you didn’t contact one of our local Lawyers to come to the meeting to speak on these issues? all the other organizations, Realtors etc… have there own local power houses that they use ( I have met all of them) I think we need to deal with the lawyers that we will see face to face in our own state. Joe doesn’t practice law in Arizona, He is a great man but I would rather deal with someone that is used to our local system (thats what counts to any of us in AZ.) It is the same with the BTR we need more of our members to meet with the state BTR to let our organization be better represented to them so that some day we could have a real voice in AZ laws and decision making. Just a thought to our local members. We need to get better PR with our local people that count.:slight_smile:


I agree. We do need more local members involved. At this time, we have a very limited number of members that are willing to be actively involved with the local chapter. 2-3 people cant do it all. Will you be willing to take on one or more of these tasks? If so, we would love to see you next Tuesday.

If you remember we had this talk before. I did my fights for NACHI several years ago and I am still disillusioned and beaten after the last battles for NACHI. I would be of little use to all of you at this time, If the local chapter can grow to a large enough active group that will walk the walk and take on local laws and policies I would be willing to reconsider being more active.
I can’t stand in front of magistrates, Lawyers and the BTR by myself (been there, done that) One man is not an organization no matter how much he kicks and screams. The truth is the AZ NACHI members are unorganized and lack the Backbone to fight with anyone but each other. When the chips are down no one was ever there when I was standing in front of the local Government agencies. As I told you before I wish you luck in your attempt to get this rag tag group together but it will take more than 2 or 3 members to do anything of any stature here in AZ. On paper we have the numbers but in the battle we are to small of a group to fight our way out of a paper bag.


Thanks to Joe Ferry for speaking at our chapter meeting. He did a great job.

The pigeon infestation and PB pipe discussions were really helpful as well.

Also a big thanks to Allan Blaker of Arizona SunTech for hosting our meeting.